About Us

We architect workforce, career, and education solutions! Covenant Career Consulting is a premier leadership development, talent management, and instructional design consulting firm that provides connoisseur services to meet your needs.

Our specialties include:

  • Career Coaching & Mentoring
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Grant Writing & Program Administration
  • Professional Resume Development
  • Curriculum Development & Instruction
  • Talent Management Services
  • Next Level Planning: College/Career/Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Planning & Organization Success
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Train-the-Trainer

About our CEO

Kassandra McGhee, Senior Principal Consultant, is the renowned Chicago Career Coach and author of four books including The Ten Commandments of Career Success: How to Have the Career You Really Desire. Kassandra is a well-rounded leader whose resume writing skills have earned accolades from top job search websites and career workshops have helped her build a reputation as an expert in her field. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach & Career Specialist with over 15 years experience coaching and advising diverse clients, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Kassandra’s  professional experience also includes senior leadership roles in program administration and career & workforce development. Kassandra has proven to be a trusted advisor and consultant to C-level and senior executives from numerous organizations regarding growth strategies, employer & stakeholder engagement, project management, and overall industry best practices.  Kassandra’s experience also encompasses grant administration as well as college professorships at several universities including Aurora University and DeVry University.

Kassandra holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, both from Iowa State University. Her career highlights include:

  • Keynote and commencement speaker for higher education institutions, faith-based organizations, businesses and conferences, and non-profit organizations
  • Executive director for career/workforce development initiatives and services for 5000+ clients annually
  • Directed program operations, fiscal services, contract negotiations, and public relations/marketing for program serving 10,000+ participants
  • Principal liaison for large-scale initiatives with local and regional businesses, government stakeholders, non-profits, associations, and civic organizations to create strategic partnerships, manage project deliverables, develop new opportunities, and promote organization’s profile
  • Received accommodation for exceeding federal grant program goals



Kassandra demonstrated knowledge, experience, and creativity. She has a strong team approach that gets results. The initial contract date was extended due to such great outcomes. Having her on the team helped us achieve our goals and we were well pleased.”

– Easter Seals

Kassandra is a phenomenal professional who is highly discerning and adept, with the undeniable ability to properly assess any situation and create the appropriate solution. In my expansive career, I have not met anyone with this unique blend of professionalism, communication, and presentation skills. Kassandra is a wonderfully skilled instructor…her subject-matter knowledge and expertise is one-of-a-kind and she’s good at what she does.”

– The RickLin Group

My resume is awesome and has opened doors for me to expand into other industries. Thank you and I am glad to highly recommend you to others!”

– Douglas, Nonprofit Director

My resume is perfect! It was exactly what I needed to land the job.”

– Rhonda, Attorney

This is the best version of my resume that I have seen. Thank you!”

– Bruce, IT Professional

I have a strong resume and useful tips for interviews, thanks to you!”

– Tianna, Project Manager

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